Camp Chef is the industry leader in outdoor cooking, offering you the opportunity to experience nature without sacrificing a good meal. Great tasting food brings people together and Camp Chef know this. For more than 20 years Camp Chef have been producing high quality outdoor cooking products that offer an efficient way to cook for any outdoor gathering.

Established in 1990, Camp Chef offers pellet grills, smokers, Dutch ovens, flat top griddles and pizza ovens give users the ability to grill, bake, boil, steam and more.

Today Camp Chef offer a versatile outdoor cooking system at home including quality cast iron cookware with its signature True-Seasoned finish, several stoves, smokers, fire pits and more, designed specifically with home and patio in mind.

Camp Chef knows the outdoors, with their home located in the heart of Cache Valley, Utah.Surrounded by the picturesque Bear River Mountain Range, it makes the perfect location to test the entire Camp Chef product range.