Rotisserie Kit for Thuros T1

Rotisserie Kit for Thuros T1

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The THÜROS Rotisserie Spit consists of a main spit and two meat clamps and 240v motor. It is recommended to use for barbecuing poultry as a whole or rolled roast.

To prepare the spit, fix the first meat clamp on the main spit. After that, add the food. Depending on the type of food, this can be done by piercing through it or wrapping it around the spit. Secure the food by using the second meat clamp. Before mounting it on the spit, turn the meat clamp 90° to ensure that both clamps intertwine, especially when grilling smaller pieces of meat.

Product data:
- made of stainless steel
- electropolished and food-safe
- dishwasher-safe

Needed accessories:
- THÜROS wind deflector (A3030E/ A3535E)